Tips to Success on Standardized Tests


Do you want to know the key that will guarantee success for a child on standardized testing? By the end of the article I will present to you what I believe to be the key to student preforming at their highest potential.

There are hundreds of articles written providing advice to parents and teachers about techniques which will help students’ testing scores. When reading and researching there seems to be a common thread among the majority of the articles. I have picked four suggestions I believe are beneficial.

Teaching Test Skills

Understanding how the test book and supplies are used and what is permitted during specific tests. Encourage children to ask questions before testing starts if they have any concerns. Often times teachers are hesitant to help students during actual testing times. Also, encourage your child to ensure answer sheets or booklets are being filled in correctly. Multiple choice, process of elimination, allows students to eliminate obvious incorrect answers. Each wrong answer a student eliminates, the probability of choosing the correct answer increases. Lastly, pacing yourself is extremely important on standardized test. They are designed to be tight on time to access students ability to preform under pressure.

Teaching Test Words

It is important for teachers and parents to ensure students understand what test words mean and are asking. Words such as, Analyze, Persuade, Compare, Contrast, and Summarize. When students understand the meaning of the words listed above it greatly increases their chances on answer a question appropriately.


Many teachers spend weeks before the dreaded week of testing practicing with their students. There a numerous supplies available online for teachers and parents if they would like their child to be familiar with the format of test. I tend to throw testing questions as morning work periodically throughout the school year. I also tend to use above grade questions I am teaching. I believe the above grade level questions throughout the year will make the grade level tests in the spring easier and less intimidating.


Be sure to have students well-rested and well-fed when the test week arrives. Along with having students physically prepared, be sure they are in the correct mental state. Be sensitive to student anxiety. Test are known to raise anxiety which may lead to negative test result. Teachers should work on build physical activity within their breaks, breathing exercises, stretching, jumping jacks, or walk around the school.


I believe the key to student success on standardized tests is driven through a teacher’s relationship with the child. That is right, if you want to have a student to preform well on testing this spring, build a strong relationship with them. When there is a strong relationship between teacher and student. Students will go above and beyond to prove their potential to teachers, parents, and most importantly themselves. Establishing a relationship takes time, learning about each name in your classroom as an individual. When relationships are established and teachers know what each child needs to be successful throughout the year. Students will become high achieving, self-motivated learners. It is when students are motivated to be successful based on their own intrinsic motivation satisfied by hard-work. The process of building a relationship with a child, based on nurturing care and high expectations will lead hard work, leading to full potential of children.

A simple math solution: Relationships + Consistent High-Expectations = Intrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic Motivation + Full Potential = Guaranteed Testing Success




4 responses to “Tips to Success on Standardized Tests

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  2. Thank you for the tips to success on standardized tests. We followed your recommendations and hopefully Lindsey will be at ease this week.

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